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April 2012 Newsletter



Generate Genuine Gestures
when re-living stories!


Nonverbal communication has greater impact than we may ever imagine. Most communication comes NOT from what we say, but from how we say it.


When you put equal effort into mastering the art of delivery, as you do into the structure and content of your stories, and use natural gestures you will communicate effectively and consequently, connect!


Because our bodies speak volumes, we will examine how Body IS Language by looking at the what, the why and the how of using gestures in our stories.

In This Issue

Quotation of the Month

"When delivering a speech,
be natural but enlarged.”

~ Dale Carnegie

Shaking hands before a speechGreat speakers 'handshake' with their audiences, sending sincere 'I like you' embracing messages, smiling, using open arms, making eye contact with individuals, ensuring that the audience knows that the speech is for and about their gain and betterment of life.

What is a gesture?

It’s a motion of the hands, head, or body to emphasize an idea or emotion. When you speak you want your audience to receive your intended message. Use gestures sincerely, naturally and smoothly so your intended message is received and re-enforced. When your body and words are congruent and transmit the same signal, you are using your gestures to their greatest advantage.

As much as you have control over your verbal messages, doesn’t it make sense to have equal control over your non-verbal messages ... your gestures?

GESTURES Why use gestures? How to use gestures?

They appeal to all 3 learning styles of people; they strength the audience’s understanding:

  • Visual learners receive information in pictures
  • Auditory learners receive information by hearing
  • Kinesthetic learners receive information through experiencing or feeling


  • paint pictures with gestures, so they can visualize the scene
  • stress the spoken words with descriptors
  • add to the emotion and feelings in your stories
They create a stronger impact of your point / message by demonstrating your sincerity and helping you connect and bond with individuals
  • when you have an important point to make: pause, speak slower, in a lower voice and ensure that your facial expression is sincere with your eyes lingering for a few seconds on individuals
gestures-3 They add to your point when you establish congruency between your words and your actions
  • if your words are describing an action, demonstrate the action
gestures-4 They indicate size, height
. . . .
or distance
  • with your arms, hands, fingers
gestures-5 They help you re-live your stories, with the exact emotions experienced at that time; simply re-telling them in narrative form, doesn’t demonstrate those emotions, whether they were negative or positive
  • include characters, dialogue, and use of natural, yet enlarged, conversational gestures

When it comes to GESTURES, the key to success is to let yourself relax and respond naturally to what you think, feel and say. Remember, even when you’re not saying anything - you’re still communicating a message because:


Have you ever videotaped yourself speaking in front of an audience and later observe how others saw you? The camera doesn’t lie!! You’ll be able to then see both your good habits but also...your bad ones, so you can improve in this area the next time you speak.

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I invite you to join me next month, when we examine the letter "H" as it relates to another storytelling skill.

Until then, Happy Speaking!!


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