A - Ace Speakers' Acquisitions... ACE Speaker coming to Toronto!


Opening: How often have you thought of becoming an Ace speaker, having an EDGE over the average speaker?

Promise: You can become the Ace speaker you want to be and have an EDGE over most! Of the 4 benefits stated here, which one(s) would you like to receive... maybe... all 4?
E: be known as a highly Esteemed speaker, while also increasing your own self Esteem?
D: Do more tomorrow than you can do today by becoming 3x the speaker than you are now?
G: Gain more in terms of possible profit and also in time by moving forward faster and shortening your learning curve?
E: Enjoy more not only the destination but also the process of getting there?
Roadmap: This month, we’ll examine which traits ace speakers have acquired during their process of realizing their goal and becoming an ace speaker, as they relate to A words.
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Ace Speakers Acknowledge that:
list-arrow Speaking is an art that can be learned with new tools and practice
list-arrow Audiences are selfish and rightly so; they want to know what’s in it for them
list-arrow Stories need to come alive by re-living, rather than simply, re-telling them
list-arrow They need to assimilate with their audiences ensuring they appear similar, not superior
list-arrow They must be athletes, not spectators-learn by actively doing not by just passively watching
list-arrow Inner applause is more important than outer applause...realize that inner applause is creating change and growth in others
list-arrow Afterglow after they speak lies is knowing that they were valuable to others by leaving them with a memorable life-changing message
list-arrow Affective domain in communicating is hugely important since heart wins over head; so they ensure they tap into the audience’s emotions during their presentations
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