November 2011 Newsletter
Boardroom Storytelling: the new currency Business!

Everyone in business shares one universal goal and that is, to succeed!


If you aspire to climb the corporate ladder with increased responsibility and matching salary, you need to differentiate yourself from the average presenter by realizing the power of telling purposeful personal and business stories. By engaging your audiences both emotionally with stories, and intellectually with facts, you can win over investors, convince your customers, and/or motivate your team, resulting in increased production, sales, and financial profit for yourself and your company.


We will examine why and how purposeful stories have a place in the boardroom and can boost your business by persuading anyone to follow up with your intended call to action.

It is no secret that the oldest, most powerful form of communication and learning is storytelling. Although leaders are now starting to realize the power of storytelling in the boardroom, it’s unfortunate that for so long, dry abstract, one-way methods of corporate communications with mind-numbing power-point slides filled with text and technical data, have been the norm within the business environment. There are two ways to connect with your audience, intellectually, with data/content, but more importantly, emotionally, with flesh and blood stories. Stories have the capacity to capture the big picture; information within a context of a story. If you want your target audiences to integrate your ideas and create behavioral change, then as business people, we need to become master storytellers, by crafting purposeful stories from which points follow and flow logically from their emotional triggers.


Why do business people speak?