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January 2012 Newsletter



Dynamic Delivery of
Your Stories in 3D


Many speakers spend time working on WHAT they are going to say by working on the content and structure of their stories, yet seem to place less importance on the planning of HOW they are to deliver them.


Dynamic Delivery is the creation of a 3D experience, the content of the stories coming alive. If done masterfully, it results in audience engagement, a deeper connection with them and consequently, a memorable story and message which separates you from the average speaker.


This month we will look at 5 of the most common delivery mistakes speakers make and how to remedy them.

In This Issue

Quotation of the Month

"Lengthen each side of
the triangle to shorten the
distance between you
and the audience."

~ Darren LaCroix
2001 World Champion
of Public Speaking


Each side of the triangle represents one of the three components of a speech: structure, content, and delivery.

Five Most Common Delivery Mistakes
in Stories within Presentations

1.) Speaking to the entire group as a whole using words such as: “how many of you… does anyone here… who has ever…” Remedy: “Speak to one with your content and look to all with your eyes.” Use the most important word in speaking “you” as in: “raise your hand….have you ever…when did you last see...can you relate to that…”

2.) Trying very hard to be perfect by memorizing your story word by word resulting in actions and voice seeming contrived and unnatural. Remedy: Audiences don’t want perfection; of course, they want you to be well prepared but personable, real, human. As speaker, Doug Stevenson says: “Speak from your head with your heart wide open.”

3.) Giving a monologue ~ in other words, rambling on and on with your story, talking AT them, not WITH them. Remedy: In telling your story, make it sound conversational just as if you are telling it to a friend or colleague; by pausing at times after asking rhetorical questions — for example: “Can you relate to that? or Can you imagine what and how I felt? or How would you have felt in a situation like that?” This allows the listeners opportunities to hear their own inner voice in their thoughts and reflections; acknowledge, verbally if appropriate and relevant, or simply mentally, the audience members’ body language as in nods of agreement, smiles, and even signs of disagreement, and also their verbal responses.

4.) Staying at the same level too long ~ Speaker, Patricia Fripp says: ‘Sameness is the enemy of the speaker.” Remedy: Vary your feelings — “Take them on a roller coaster ride of emotions,” Doug Stevenson; alter your voice: Projection (volume), Pace (rate/speed), Pitch (highs / lows), Tone (mood), and effectively use the Pause. Vocal Variety, with variety being the operative word, is easily achieved through use of characters and dialogue in your stories. Then before stating something important: pause, lower voice, and slow down; alter / vary your movement (move with purpose).

5.) Moving without purpose either by moving back and forth for no reason or never moving at all. Remedy: Movement should add clarity to speech. There are 3 reasons to move — your words state an action, to change thoughts / scenes / opposites as in bad and good, to demonstrate a timeline - past, present and future. (Chapter 24 of my book covers this concept in depth.)

Find the other common delivery mistakes and their remedies in my book:

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Whether you have a few or many changes you need to make to turn your presentations into a 3D experience for your audiences, change just one technique at a time until the delivery becomes second nature and automatically applied.

Join me next month when we discuss the letter E as it relates to another storytelling skill!

Until then, Happy Speaking!!


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