February, 2010

Genuine Gestures are generated by Great Speakers!

Quotation of the month:
"When delivering a speech, be natural but enlarged." –Dale Carnegie
be natural
This means that you should be as natural as you are when you speak to an individual, but enlarged by using more force and energy when speaking to an audience. The larger the audience, the more enlarged you become...a word of warning: Do NOT lose your naturalness resulting in being fake and insincere.

Opening: Have you ever heard or seen speakers utter words that weren't in synch with their facial expression? For example, say how thrilled he/she was to be there, but forgot to inform his/her face of that feeling? Did you really believe that the speaker was thrilled to be there?

Promise: If you are a speaker who works on content and structure but donít put equal effort into mastering the art of delivery, you will lose your audience very quickly as you'll not be communicating effectively and consequently, not connecting. Like it or not, nonverbal communication has greater impact than we may ever imagine. Most communication comes NOT from what we say, but from how we say it.

Roadmap: Because our bodies speak volumes, we will examine how Body IS Language by looking the what, the why and the how of using gestures.

What is a gesture? Itís a movement of the body or part of the body (i.e. hand gestures and facial expressions) to express or emphasize ideas, emotions or intentions. When you speak you want your audience to receive your intended message, and not confuse their mind. You are using your gestures to their greatest advantage when your body and mouth are congruent and transmit the same signal,

As much as you have control over your verbal messages, doesnít it make sense to have equal control over your non-verbal messages .... your gestures?

Use gestures sincerely, naturally and smoothly; be careful to not point at the audience and to not get into a preaching mode, talking down to them.

GESTURES Why use them? How to use them?
Appeal to all 3 learning styles of people:
visual: learns best through images
auditory: learns best through listening
kinesthetic: learns best through experiencing
  • for the visual learners, paint pictures with gestures
  • for the auditory learners, use gestures to stress the spoken words
  • for the kinesthetic learners, use gestures to add to the emotion and feelings in your speech.

Create a stronger impact of your point especially when you connect with individuals and bond with them

Strengthen the audienceís understanding of your point
  • pause, speak slower, with a lower voice and ensure that your facial expression is sincere with eyes lingering for a few seconds on individuals.

Add to your message
  • help paint a picture, so the audience can visualize the scene.
Indicate size, height or distance
  • with your arms, hands, fingers
Help you relive your stories, not just retell them in narrative form
  • include characters, dialogue, and use of natural, yet enlarged, conversational gestures.

When it comes to GESTURES, the key to success is to let yourself relax and respond naturally to what you think, feel and say. And remember, even when youíre not saying anything - youíre still communicating a message.


I challenge you to become more aware of what your body language is doing and expressing. When you speak in front of an audience try to videotape yourself, so you can observe how others see you. The camera doesnít lie!! Youíll be able to then see both your good habits but also...your bad ones!

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