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April, 2010


You may or may not realize when you actually step onto the platform, within the first 7 seconds the audience knows whether or not they like you and within the next 30 seconds, whether they want to hear what you have to say. Isn't a great introduction worth its weight in gold, when it comes to creating a connection with your audiences?

Kathryn MacKenzie


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Opening: Have you ever heard a speaker being introduced and you thought: "Great accomplishments, wonderful accolades, but...
  • it's so boastful
  • there's little to no relevance of the speaker's credentials to the topic of the speech
  • there's no mention of any benefit(s) for us, the audience, so you think: "So what! Who cares? What's in it for me?"
If the speaker's intro is all about him/her, then the audience is justified in assuming that the entire speak will be about the speaker and nothing for or about them.. This kind of introduction turns an audience off even before the speaker steps out onto the platform.

Promise: By creating introductions that focus on THEM, the audience, rather than on YOU, the speaker, you will establish a positive tone and receptive mood among the audience. Most importantly, these introductions will ignite the audience making them enthused, energized and eager to hear you speak.

Roadmap: Sit back, click here and enjoy Craig Valentine's 7 min. audio on How to Ignite your Audience with your Introduction. Following the audio is a summary of Craig' 5 steps using examples from my own presentations.

5 STEPS to follow when creating your Introductions

Public Speaking
  1. Start off about them using a question(s) or a statement(s) with as many "you" words as you can. i.e., Have you ever been put on screensaver eyes when listening to a speech? Have you ever given one of those speeches? On the other hand, have you ever been captivated by a speaker from the start to the finish of the speech? What do you think is the difference that makes the difference? ...

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  1. Make a promise with the benefits they will receive i.e., Today, you will discover 3 essential speaking keys that will not only remove you from where most speakers are: in the 'wannabe' speaking group, but will definitely provide you with the knowledge to become a world class speaker.
  2. Mention only relevant credentials for that specific topic and leave all other credentials out. i.e, My many years as an educator would be stated if I was talking to a group of teachers, retired or still teaching, as my time in that profession would align me to them by making myself similar, not special. I would also mention my years as an educator if I was addressing an audience on customers' service. On another occasion, my years as a comedic stage actress would be mentioned if my talk was on stage presence, humour, or the need for a variety of delivery techniques.
  3. Find ways to make your introduction set up something for your speech.My 'Panic to Power' CD which I co-created with 3 world Champions is purposely placed into some of my introductions. I do so, when I talk on presentation skills and the need to connect with audiences. Earlier on in speaking, my panic moments were times when I didn't know how to connect. The content of the CD sets up the content of my presentation.
  4. Turn everything about you into everything for them ... i.e., " As a middle-aged 'groupie' of world class speakers, Kathryn has picked up keys that have unlocked the doors of her speaking potential and helped her become a professional speaker. These keys are not easy to come by but when you master them, your speaking will be...
This month I challenge you to work on your INTRODUCTIONS. Follow these 5 guideposts so your audience will be enthused, energized and eager to hear your speech and consequently, be connected to you even before you have uttered a word!!

Join us next month, when we discuss the letter J when we explore another speaking skill. related to that letter.

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