August, 2010

Move from the Mediocre Level to the Master's Level

Quotation of the month:
"The words 'most people' go a very long way in influencing audiences. People like to feel important and do not want to be average, as in 'most' people."
–Craig Valentine

The above statement also applies to grouping speakers. Where do you want to be as a speaker – one of the average or one among the stars?

Opening: Looking at the graphics at the side, where would you rather be... with the group of 'most speakers' who are the mediocre? Or do you want to set yourself apart from that group and be placed among the stars? I will hopefully assume you'd prefer the latter.

Promise: If you want to avoid being part of 'most speakers' and rise above the rest, you need to invest time and effort in not only excelling in the structure and content of your speeches, but also in your delivery.

Roadmap: To commit to being a master speaker, examine both columns below to determine which delivery techniques you already use or which ones you need to develop in order to reach the stars.

Mediocre Speakers Masters Speakers
Six of 12 most common delivery mistakes How they avoid the six mistakes
Lip-synching with slides Use less text, more graphics ... a picture says 1000 words. Use the B button to darken the screen when you speak and avoid competing with it. Remember the power point is an aid; you are the messenger
Giving a monologue Remember a speech is a dialogue, a 2 way street; their outward expressions and gestures reflect their inner feelings which are similar reactions that take place in a conversation
Speaking to the entire group using words like: how many of you, has anyone, who has, everyone here is likely... Speak to one, look to all using the "you" word in your content and look to all with your eyes: Have you ever..., When did you last...I know you may say... and so on
Being unnatural - speaking like another person) - becoming 'speaker man' or 'speaker woman' Be your natural yet enlarged self
Not matching audience's energy level 'Pace and Lead' - match their level initially, then take them where you want them to go
Never smiling – focus too much on structure and content Smile and make a connection before you say anything and have fun

Whether you have to make few or many delivery changes in moving from the mediocre speaker level to the Master's level, make small changes but do so step at a time, until you've mastered the techniques that bring you closer to your audience and your speech more memorable. Lasting change is gradual change! Change small, change often!

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Join us next month when we look at the letter "N" as it relates to another speaking skill...until then.

Happy Speaking

Certified World Class Speaking Coach

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