November, 2010

Mind your P's and Q's!!

Mark Brown, the 1995 World champion of Public Speaking, is the special guest at Toastmasters District 60's fall conference on Nov. 19-21 Click here for information:

Coincidentally, this month we happen to be on the letters P and Q and I also happen to have a great audio lesson titled: "Mind your P's and Q's," by Mark. This education session is one of the four that Champions' EDGE members receive in CD format on a monthly basis. Individual weekly lessons come to us via the internet. For more information on Champions' EDGE, click here:

Mark Brown 1996 W.C.P.S.
Mark Brown,
1995 W.C.P.S.

Opening: It's likely that as a child, you may have been reminded by your parents to mind your P's and Q's when you were going out or visiting friends? It may interest you to know that according to Mark Brown, you can apply P's and Q's to your speaking.

Promise: You are invited to listen to Mark's reflections on ‘Minding your P's and Q's as they relate to your speaking, so you will end up with enhanced speaking skills.

Roadmap: He shares five P and Q points on preparation and presentation of speeches:
  • Poetry and Quotations
  • Preponderance and Quantity
  • Pace and Quickness
  • Pause and Quietness
  • Power and Quality

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking... MARK BROWN!

Sit back, listen, take notes, and enjoy the learning!

Mark Brown's Audio Lesson (12 minutes)

Which P's and Q's will you be try to incorporate in your next speech to raise the bar of your speaking level?

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Speeches That Will Leave Them Speechless
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Join me next month when we look at the letter "R" as in “Rock as a Raconteur! Speak to be Remembered and Repeated!”

Certified World Class Speaking Coach

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