April, 2011

Vocal Voyages!

Quotation of the Month

"It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end."
Ursula Le Guin, novelist, poet
United We Stand

Opening: Ever consider that a speech is similar to a voyage since you, the speaker, invites the audience to journey with you to a destination that promises a better life?

Promise: Pack the essentials that are required, promise the audience's benefits, leave out alienating items, and then observe how enthused and curious they'll be and want to journey with you.

Roadmap: Let's look at V words that you must leave behind, otherwise you will travel alone and ones that you must pack as they will entice your audience to join you.

V items to discard/leave behind
  • vague message that keeps them wondering: what is the point, message, where is he/she going with this?
  • verbose speaker: too wordy- squeezing too much information in leaving the audience confused and taking nothing out of it
  • voice that is inaudible
  • voice that is monotone/boring
  • vanity on the speaker's part making yourself the guru, source of wisdom, hero
  • vitality/enthusiasm/energy that's constant and over abundant- remember that if you're always dynamic, you're never dynamic; as P. Fripp says: "Sameness is the enemy of the speaker"

V items to pack so your audience will want to travel with you
  • vision of the destination is clear, concise; can you articulate your fewer than 10 word takeaway message?
  • vision of the destination promises benefits for them
  • vision of the destination is YOU-focused (audience focused)
  • varied voice and vitality while working through a roller coaster of emotions
  • vivid vocabulary that paints pictures in the audience's minds; effective use of metaphors to describe a person, place, event, situation
  • versatility or ability to be in the moment, get 'off script' and go with the flow of an unexpected situation
  • visual reaction before verbal: demonstrate a facial expression before saying anything- an opportunity for humour; observe comics skillfully do this
  • victory for a speaker is to ensure the engagement of the audience throughout your speech and the intended change in the audience to occur after you speak
Incorporating the above necessary items into your speaking will validate you, since you, as a speaker, will be valued, your viewpoints will be valuable and your audience will want to travel with you throughout your entire speech.

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