August 2011 Newsletter
Welcome to my Monthly Newsletters on presentation and speaking skills. Each month we will explore a different letter of the alphabet as it relates or applies to a speaking skill.
ZONE in to bridge any gap between you and your audience,
even before you speak!


Both a speaker and the audience share a degree of anxiety and apprehension at the beginning of a presentation. Would you choose to be stressed if you knew you had the option not to be?


By following the following environmental, physical, and mental preparation tips before your speech, you will ZONE into your audience easier allowing you to be more real, more comfortable and connect with them more readily.


  • We’ll look at a few characteristics of being IN THE ZONE and how to get


The desired state for a speaker before and during a speech is to be totally present and in the moment... IN THE ZONE, so comfort, confidence and connection are established.

Quotation of the Month

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."


  • calm, centered, confident.
  • total focus and concentration on the present- your audience, the value you bring.
  • real and authentic (speaking more from heart rather than head).
  • passionate about the value of your message and desire to help others.
  • grounded in reality of the moment, able to think on one's feet easily and be more
    spontaneous and creative with responses.
  • playful and energetic.
  • (any other characteristics you can think of or have experienced?)
    HOW TO GET INTO THE ZONE BEFORE YOU SPEAK - it requires total preparation
    Environmental preparation:
  • check out the room- seating arrangements- will all be able to see and hear you?
  • are there any barriers between you and the audience that you need to remove?
  • is the room temperature comfortable for the audience?
  • are there too many chairs, which may leave the front rows empty?
  • have you established a friendly working relationship with the AV person,
    if you’re using a microphone or AV equipment?
  • Physical preparation:
  • don't eat for an hour and a half before you speak
  • avoid ice cold drinks, caffein.
  • keep throat most with room temperature water
  • meet and greet your audience as they come in
  • use calming breathing exercises
  • Mental preparation: What you think before you go on stage is very important.
  • minimize personal worries. As Darren LaCroix 1999 WCPS says: "Worry bigger…for the audience.It's all about them, not you, the speaker!"
  • think about the message with which the audience will leave - what do you want them to think or do differently after you're finished.
  • visualize a great presentation with a welcoming receptive audience; remember they want you to succeed.
  • remind yourself to have fun; if you need to, place a note in your pocket reminding you to do so.
  • WHEN YOU'RE BEING INTRODUCED; Create an introduction that involves the audience, one that gets them interested and enthused about hearing you speak. Have you ever heard a speaker being introduced and you thought to yourself: “So what! Who cares? What’s in it for me?" Unfortunately, many speakers write introductions that turn audiences off even BEFORE they step onto the platform and begin speaking because their introduction is all about his/her credentials and background that are not related or relevant to the topic. Create a connection with your audiences and ZONE IN, even before you speak. If you haven't listened to 1999 WCPS Craig Valentine's 8 minute audio on Introductions, I strongly suggest you do. Discover how to bring your audience in and endear them to you before you speak. Click here. IT WORKS!!! I know from my own experiences!

    Also try to inject some humour into your introduction, as it helps you gage the audience's energy level and establish a deeper connection with them.

    What methods will you use in order to get IN THE ZONE with your audience? The butterflies may still flutter but are now flying in formation when all the prior preparation is done.

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    Join us next month when we return to the letter "A" as it relates to another speaking skill.

    This newsletter marks the end of the alphabet. I will be restarting the alphabet relating the letters to a specific speaking skill. PLEASE feel free to email me with any recommendations and requests. I'd be more than happy to explore, in more detail, a speaking topic that interests you. I am very open to any suggestion you may wish to make. After all, it’s about YOU, not me!!

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